SuperNerd Fight

ANTRO productions
Two Nerds Square Off In An Epic Battle.

Behind the scenes of SuperNerd Fight

For this film we shot with a Canon 5D DSLR mark III and A RED EPIC-X “MYSTERIUM-X” 5K. We captured our audio with a Rode NTG-3 microphone on a boom pole with a blimp. The editing was done on Adobe premiere along with after effects.



ANTRO productions

Anthony Romualdo - Director/Writer/Editor

Kurtis Aguilar - 1st Assistant Director

Carlos E. Ruiz - Sound Operator (Rode Mic)

Danica Cheney - Script Supervisor

Stress Newcom - Slate Operator

Morgan Roberts - Gaffer

Luke Zacharias - Talent

Nathan Guillermo - Talent

Mariah Roberts - Talent

Andrew May - Special effects