Art in me

Adam Stanton
MY RODE REEL - "ART IN ME" is about the evolution of art from child to old man. As a child I would draw and color in front of the television for hours, as an adolescent I became attracted to all forms of art, from painting to graffiti to film and photography. In many ways this is my story. I wanted to show a full story combining my passions of video, art and poetry.

Behind the scenes of Art in me

I go behind the scenes to show you a little glimpse of what went into this short film. I filmed everyday after work from the competitions start until May 18th.

My journey started with no camera, no budget and no crew. But, I had a story and in many ways it's my story. I put my heart and soul into this project and I hope it shows. During the making of this film I hit a low in my life which made making this film that much more important. As any film maker or artist would say "I wish I could to this" "Add That" "more time"... ect., but I look back at my film and feel accomplished with what I did. Without this competition I would be stuck In head and without direction. Having this challenge was a blessing, and only fitting that an audio company would put this on because i truly believe audio drives story. Thank you RODE!



Adam Stanton

Adam Stanton - Writer, Director, Editor, Videography, Graffiti character

Kiersten Fields - Second Shooter

John Sutton - Narration

Mark Carpenter - Old man character

Legend Smith - Young child character

Mission Art 415 - Painting location