Isaac Huskins
Contemplating his next steps, one man reflects on his past while struggling to accept the limitations of time, and its inevitable, unrelenting grip on his life.

Behind the scenes of EPACSE

Prior to shooting, we used the Rode NT1-A to record the dialogue you hear in the final piece. Due to the complexity of the concept, our actor had to master saying and performing his dialogue in reverse weeks before the shoot. In order to accomplish the project, we filmed the actions forwards while our actor had to simultaneously perform his dialogue backwards. Once in post, the footage was reversed allowing the character to deliver his dialogue forwards while he and his surroundings move backwards. Unfortunately, we required the use of post-stabilization, such as Warp Stabilizer, to smooth out a few shots we had to perform handheld. As far as location, we all met in our home town to shoot the project. Regrettably, due to our schedules, we only had one day to accomplish the production aspect. Making films has always been a huge part of our lives and our family, and we are grateful to have had the small amount of time to put together this piece. We hope that you enjoy the piece and will consider voting for it in the 2016 My Rode Reel competition.



Isaac Huskins

Isaac Huskins - Writer (Story) / Editor

Zach Huskins - Writer / Screenplay

Aaron Huskins - Actor / Screenplay