To be a Fighter

Warrior Collective
The Dutch Kickboxing Community is renowned the world over for producing some of the toughest fighters on the planet. I spent 9 days travelling the length and breadth of Holland seeking to answer what it takes to be a fighter.

Behind the scenes of To be a Fighter

Being a one man band so to speak with only myself doing all the filming etc, there are challenges to be overcome with regards to shoots. In this film I planned extensively my locations as timings had to be exact in order to get both the imagery and the interviews required to set the scenes. The detail is all in the planning when filming in a foreign country. Here I chose some of the biggest gyms around Holland to visit and spend time at. Equipment wise I tried to travel light but with everything I would need for such an undertaking. 2 Cameras (Canon 70d and 700d), 2 tripods, rode shotgun mic, rode lavelier mic, zoom H1, slider and led lighting kit.



Warrior Collective

Stuart Tomlinson - Director/Producer/Cameraman/Editor