Fishing Buddies

Brytni Lavender
This story follows a young girl, named Payton, in her unique way of coping with the death of her big brother, Jimmy. Instead of grieving over his loss, like everyone else, Payton decides to celebrate his life by going to do what her brother enjoyed the most, fishing. And while fishing, he comes back to her and they get to have one last conversation, one final goodbye.

Behind the scenes of Fishing Buddies

We had plenty of challenges facing us on this project, most notably, we had no Budget. We filmed entirely on Samsung Galaxy S5s. Jared had a RODE VideoMic Go, so I then had to figure out a way to make the mic work on the cell phones. With a "Y" splitter I found on Amazon, I was able to make it happen, and even had the mic hooked onto our very own "Broom" Pole. I built my own Steadicam out of some pipes, and a 2.5lbs weight, to get smoother movement walking throughout the house, as well as Payton walking through the grass. A special thank you goes out to the Groce Family for donating the flowers.


VideoMic GO

Brytni Lavender

Jared Reeder - Jimmy

Lydia McElderry - Payton

Adam Lavender - Griever/ Catering

Debbie Groce - Griever/ Set Design

Jessica Edwards - Griever/ Broom Operator

Taylor Pruett - Griever

Cerise Groce - Griever

Rick Spinks - Griever

Raye Anne Spinks - Griever

Bonnie Johnson - Griever

Darby McElderry - Griever

Brian Groce - Griever