Julian & Elizabeth Cullen
Directed and Written by Elizabeth and Julian Cullen, 'Asha' is a short post apocalyptic narrative which pays homage to the works of T.S. Eliot's poem 'The Waste Land', Cormac McCarthy's writings and John Hillcoats visual interpretation of 'The Road'.

Behind the scenes of Asha

We filmed on a Canon 60D, at 1080p 24fps. Using a variety of rigs, from tripod to Steadicam to the dodgy old shoulder rig I made using an aluminum bar and $3 light handles bought from the hardware store. We tried to utilize the natural light as much as possible, using diffuses and reflectors when necessary. We also got a hold of a smoke machine for some neat atmospherics shots. In terms of editing, we edited in Final Cut Pro X, color grading included, and drew inspiration from the great Alfred Hitchcock in our use of transitions. The sound gear we used, the NTG-2 along with the Zoom H6 and the voice over was recorded with the NT-USB (it's a great mic!).


Boompole Pro

Julian & Elizabeth Cullen

Julian Cullen - Director, Writer

Elizabeth Cullen - Writer

Shawn Brack - The Father

Alysha Magee - Asha (The Daughter)

Anthony Ring - Man with gun

Michael Kearney - Location Sound Recordist, Sound Designer

Ewan Cutler - Location Sound Recordist

Paul C - Location Sound Recordist

Nicholas Brack - Grip

Grace Kruger-Ilingworth - grip

Isabeau Brack - Young Asha