Certified Guerrilla
Once a phone salesman begins to have a fit during a call, the recipient, Frank Wells, quickly realises that he is the only person that can help.

Behind the scenes of Lifeline

This behind the scenes covers the recce, production and voice-over of our entry 'Lifeline'. Featuring the use of the 'Rode VideoMic Pro'.


VideoMic Pro

Certified Guerrilla

Callum Oakaby-Wright - Director, Writer, Producer

Steffan Honour - Editor, Sound Recording, Sound Editor, Colour Grade

Rob Bryant - Cinematographer, Camera Operator

Faye Sarron - Executive Producer

John Spavins - Producer, Production Assistant

Tinofara Michael Hapaguti - Producer, Production Assistant

Jorden Lee-Harvey - Production Assistant, BTS

Jessica Gray - Production Assistant, BTS

Cameron Oakaby-Wright - Production Assistant

Dineth Epaliyana - Voice - Darshan/Dhirej Shetty

Devauna Auntwayne McFarlane - Actor - Frank Wells

Kyle Booth - Music Composer