Kaip Tapti ZEBRU?

Kaip Tapti ZEBRU?
The film examines the nature of people‘s lives – do we choose to be ourselves , or not? Both of these decisions have causes, consequences and vice versa. Why are we sometimes led out of ourselves to do what isn‘t native in our nature to be? Be. Be you. Whoever you natively are.

Behind the scenes of Kaip Tapti ZEBRU?

Behind the scenes of our film 'How To Become a ZEBRA?'


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Kaip Tapti ZEBRU?

Karolina Sodeikait? - Screenplay and directing

Agnet? Mer?aityt? - Screenplay and directing

Jurgis Kameneckas - Acting

Greta Parnarauskait? - Acting

Kasparas Pilybas - Filming, editing and sound design

Ema Aukš?enyt? - Producing

Viktorija Ivanauskyt? - Producing

Adomas Šerpenskas - Sound recording

Ingrida Rutkut? - Assisting

Monika Janutauskait? - Assisting

Goda Gajauskait? - Concept developing

Kamil? Lisinskait? - Assisting