"RETAIL" Comedy

Brad Foster

Hey guys, check out my 3 minute short comedy film entitled "RETAIL" This is a rough 1st 3 minutes, based off my treatment and script i have in mind for a feature. This is the ins, outs, triumphs, let downs, experiences, & situations, that we're put in as retail employees and the fun the audience will have when they see it all come together.

Behind the scenes of "RETAIL" Comedy

My wife did provide the camera tilt during the table scene, thank you sweetie!

I used only a Canon DSLR 70D, On-stage boom, and a VIDEOMIC PRO & mixed the audio using a TASCAM 60D mixer. I am not a fan of FINAL CUT PRO X, however, i could not work on this at work, so i was sort of forced to use this program at the house. I would much have rather worked on my FCP7 suite which i'm accustomed to using.

Every shot of me changing or the dog, happened every morning to give it that authentic morning light that you don't get with afternoon sun.

Scripted, Shot, Acted, and Directed by Yours Truly! It was hard because i didn't want to put the 70d on a AF, i like to shoot MF with low aperture and ISO, so it was hard to do that, plus i love camera movement, so it's something i'm getting used to by seeing the shot just "sit there".


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