Black Holes

Found Generation Films

In order to cure a client of his seemingly untreatable depression, a psychiatrist tries an unconventional method that leads them to a hard truth: there is no escape.

Behind the scenes of Black Holes

We filmed "Black Holes" over the course of two very long and strenuous but incredibly rewarding days. Our primary location was a real psychiatrist's office, while the other locations were various houses we had access to and a popular pedestrian walking bridge. Utilizing RØDE's tremendous NTG-2 microphone and Sony's powerful a7S, we were able to capture crisp audio and beautiful images. The only visual effects shot we had was the final shot of (spoiler) the hourglass hitting Dr. Pierce, which was accomplished by smashing the hourglass on a shovel and then compositing Dr. Pierce in. A huge thank you is in order for everyone involved with the project.


Filmmakers Guild of Odessa / 100cubes