Bradley Stevens

A story about a Deaf Man who receives Cochlear Implants, and the day he has them switched on and discovers the world of sound, including hearing his partner play guitar for the first time.

Behind the scenes of Cacophony

Shot on a Sony A7s, with two Canon lenses (24-70 and 70-200), rigged with a Movcam Cage, and a Redrock Micro Matte box to house a Tiffen 1/2 Soft FX filter. The A7s is extremely sharp and detailed, which didn't suit the feel of the film-- hence the inclusion of a soft filter. Also used a TV Logic vfm-058 Monitor.

Mostly natural lighting was used, with a few bounce boards and reflectors to control the light, and some C-Stands with black sheeting for negative fill. A portable Aputure LED panel and Softbox was used for additional lighting.

Audio was recorded on a Zoom H6 portable recorder, with a Rode NTG3 Microphone inside a Blimp windshield for indoor shooting, and a Deadcat windshield for outdoor shooting.

Music (the guitar track featured in the film) was recorded using the Rode NTG3 and a Rode NT2-A mounted very close to each other to eliminate phase issues. Mics were placed quite close to the guitar, and Reverb was added later, after taking a Impulse Response of the room and creating a custom reverb to specifically adjust for the guitar. Impulse Response was created using Apple's 'Impulse Response Utility'.

Location was my apartment in Sydney, Australia, with the study converted into the Doctor's Office.

Edited in Final Cut Pro X, sound design in Logic Pro 9, and colour grade in Davinci Resolve.


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