Death is dead

Niko Lipschik

What happens if you kill the death? The choises you are making now can cause great trouble presented in an dramatic and entertaining short film.

Behind the scenes of Death is dead

The main idea was to tell a complete story with a 3-act-structure in 3 minutes. This was difficult to do. The 3 written pages turned out to be not 3 three minutes but 4,5 instead. So a lot of dialogue had to be cut out which gave the film a sadder feeling.
At first we only managed to shoot the dialogue scene in the house of my uncle. After a two weeks break due to our class trip to Venice where I took some shots we shot the intro scne in front of my house and the last scene in an underpass near the next country road. The hotel room was really my attic.
I shot the whole film on the A7s with the Røde Videomic going directly into the camera. In the dialog scene we supported the power chance of the characters by beginning in a low angle on "Lena" and ending the scene on an high angle and the opposite direction on "Marvin". Storyboarding was really helpful but e.g. the "piss"-dialogue in the beginning we came up with just on set. So the film turned out as more comical than expected.
I edited sound and video in Magix Video Deluxe, garding and VFX like the beaming-effect were done in Adobe After Effects. Sound design was done with FL Studio. We decited to go so "huge" in sound design because death is an important role if not the most important role in life. Note: Because of the thematic with death one character stabs himself with a knife off screen.