Robert Asimba

A look into Tasha's {the leading act} tormented psyche. She gets a premonition on her long kept secret exposed. Her child is actually the friends'. She wakes up to realize that it was a dream, so she decides to break the silence and confess to her husband.

Behind the scenes of Confession

The equipment we used in the making of Confession; Canon 5D Mark III, A RØDE NTG-3 Boom Mic, 3 LED lights, and a Shark Slider. We got creative with the location, converting an office to a sitting room, that in the end panned out to be a very cohesive theme that relates to the goings on in the society. Developing the realistic feel we used a lot of pans and movements with the slider. We worked with a limited budget so for the dialogue and score, we outsourced from a friend.


Leopoldo Caggiano
Clancy Sinnamon