Movie Myth #17

A Second Sun

During a botched drug bust, Detectives Josh and Ethan finally have a heart to heart.

Behind the scenes of Movie Myth #17

Filmed using a Canon 70D with the 18-135mm STM lens and Rode's Video Mic Pro. Everything was filmed in Airdrie and Calgary Alberta. We also used some gels to get the lights right and a bed sheet to add a nice color to the background, while simultaneously making it look like a drug house. Airsoft guns and flour as cocaine were used to add to the criminal element of the environment. For lighting we used a couple of soft boxes and a battery powered LED light. Oh yeah, and we also got to use an ambulance! Finally everything was edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.


Danger Ink Media
Shaun Chin Kee Siong
Domagoj Mrkonjić/Weksflick