High Powers

High Powers

The story is about Eric, a chill guy who enjoys reading a book and smoking his pipe. These habits get disturbed when Lou enters, Eric’s best-friend who also lives with him. Lou informs Eric about some demons headed towards them. In all his tranquillity, Eric grabs his axe and gets ready to slay the demons. Where Eric gets a hold of himself and of the situation, Lou’s a nervous wreck. They head towards the woods and once they encounter the demon, they realize that there's something terribly wrong.

Behind the scenes of High Powers

Some technical details, huh? Well...
- Camera: Canon 70D, tripod Sachtler (3x), Canon 550D (2x).
- Light: 2k Blonde, Arri 650, LED panel (2x), Dedo, C-stand tripod (3x), sandbags.
- Sound: Zoom h4N, headphone, RODE videomic, RODE boom pole.


Bradley W. Ragland
Ndosi Anyabwile - Gorilla Tactix Studios
Eric Romero / Dust
Luís Leite / Creative Milk
Danger Ink Media