Alienated Films

A man born to save lives, is now faced with the feeling of taking one.

Behind the scenes of Repeat

We used the Rode VideoMic for our sound, some on a boom pole, and some on the camera for BTS. It was incredible easy to maneuver around such a lightweight and compact mic. We loved how good it captured our sound in such a large and open environment. Shot it in my house at my dining room table. We used two Neewer LED dimmer lights as fill lights, and a desk light as the most featured light. Used a Canon 70D with a 50mm canon lens, and a Rebel t3i for our BTS. Our footage was then edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. The music was then composed using a DGX 500 keyboard from Yamaha, into an Adobe program called Audition. The finished product, Repeat.


Rodrigo Lainez - Gigo Films
Movie Time Picture Company