El Grillo

Francisco Sortino / Mestizo Films

A man tries to sleep but a singing cricket intruder will not let him .
The battle to see who stays in the house go to the limit.
Who will win?

Behind the scenes of El Grillo

The Cricket was filmed with a Canon 7D camera, with lenses canon and sigma . we use a DIY slider made with a ceramic cutting machine. The lights was a pair of space lights DIY (made with boxes made ​​of cardboard, foil and home lights), we also use three mini - panoramic 1000w mini .
We use a condenser microphone Rode and Rode blimp .
Audio recorder was a zoom.
Post-production was made in Final Cut Pro and designs titles and special effects were made in After Effects.


Alexander Kline
Stacey Lambert & Jarrad Cody
Danger Ink Media