Luke Oyovbaire

A young lady's mind goes berserk upon hearing an intruder in her home
Genre: Thriller, Comedy

Behind the scenes of Noise

Location; Island Gardens, Greenwich, London UK

For the camera; Shot with two Canon 7Ds with 16-35mm, 50mm and 100mm lenses. A video tripod, Cinevate shoulder rig and a Pro-slider was also borrowed from the University (University of Greenwich)

For Sound; The Rode NTG3 and the Rode Videomic Pro were the main mics used during production (the NTG4 arrived a day later - which was used to get extra sounds from the location). The videomic Pro recorded straight into the camera while the NTG3 went into a Zoom H6 recorder

For Lighting; 3x 250W dedolights and a reflector was used
The film was shot in a friend's apartment (Greenwich) in exactly 5hrs 30mins; It was edited and graded on Premiere Pro CC. The BTS was shot on a 5D Mark II while the interview was done on a Panasonic GH4


Life Light Productions
Alexander Kline
Domagoj Mrkonjić/Weksflick