Brian Lowe

In a dystopian world where machines extract every human's thoughts and dreams, personalities cease to exist. When one man's device malfunctions he is given a glimpse of a possibility long forgotten.

Behind the scenes of Figment

We wanted to create a lonely, desperate feel throughout the film to get the desired effect of dystopia. This also forces the audience to pay close attention to what the protagonist is going through which draws them more into the story. For the dream sequence we found a beautiful, local park in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. It worked perfectly for the needs of the scene.

We decided to use the RED Epic camera along with a set of Rokinon Cine Primes. We went with a Petzval lens for the dream sequence to create a really warped and distorted background. We utilized dolly tracks and a Cinevate Duzi Slider for most of our moving shots. Rode microphones were used for all of our sound needs. The NTG2 Shotgun was designated to capture ambient sounds and the lavaliere mic with InvisiLav for the few spoken words. Everything was run into Tascam DR-100 digital recorder. The entire project was edited and scored in the Adobe suite.


Bennett Pellington
Garrett Nicholson
Bocachico Agencia Creativa
Eric Romero / Dust
Filmmakers Guild of Odessa / 100cubes