Scotch College Cordner–Eggleston Cup 2015

Jonno Kelly

The first AFL (Australian Rules Football) game ever played was between Melbourne Grammar School and Scotch College. This short anniversary film was filmed as a pump up for the 157th consecutive Cordner-Eggleston Cup.

Behind the scenes of Scotch College Cordner–Eggleston Cup 2015

The location for the film was Scotch College, a school in Melbourne, Australia which is known globally for its high academic results. The camera we used was a Panasonic GH4, we filmed majority of the film in 4K allowing us to have more flexibility with stabilising shots and testing out new effects.
We also filmed a few scenes using a Quad Copter (Drone) which was a DJI Inspire 1, this allowed us to film cinematic shots that were never thought possible a few years back, using this device we also filmed in 4K.
In all the ground (dlsr) footage we used the GH4 and Rode VideoMic, they performed amazingly well and the audio we received from the mic was crystal clear.