A Documentary Of Anau Maker

SyAr Production

A short documentary showing one of the elderly men in the state of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia who is still using traditional method in producing crystallize palm sugar to sell it locally.
Palm sugar or popularly known as “Gula Anau” by the locals is very popular among the people in the state of Negeri Sembilan albeit it is produce in a very small scale. At present, there is no effort by anyone to produce the palm sugar in a big scale for international market.

Behind the scenes of A Documentary Of Anau Maker

Oteng bin Amin

Director - Arif Asmadi
Director of Photography - Arif Asmadi, Hafis Suleiman, Yusri Azhar.
Director of Audiography - Nor Azimah Zakaria
Behind the Scenes Camera - Syazza Rafiq

Shot on Canon 60D, Nikon d3200, Rode Videomic.


Michaël Vermaercke
Matthew Sterling