The End

Rusty Pietrzak/ Team Rowley

A girl trapped in a box. Where is she? Where are they taking her?

Behind the scenes of The End

My concept was to have a short with a twist ending to it. Chris Rowley, JoAnna Lee Lloyd and I hammered out the story in just 30 minutes over lunch. We brought in Patrick Johnson, Chris Carson, and Amanda Miller from Focus Peak Media to handle the filming and lighting duties. I did audio, using my RODE Blimp mic holder to position the mic to record JoAnna's breathing in the box. I recorded the exterior sounds of the cart rolling down the hallway, and the elevator using a RODE M5 cardioid mic. I attached a GoPro Hero4 to my mic boom pole to show the M5 in use.

We used the RODE Blimp mic holder, and the RODE M5 cardioid mic

Cameras used were a RED Scarlet, and GoPro Hero4 Black Edition

Edited on Adobe Premiere CS6