Moustache and Mohawk films

Two superheroes join together to become the best. They quickly learn that teamwork is the most important piece to their duo.

Behind the scenes of Super

For our submission for the my rode reel 2015 contest we focused on three main aspects; story, shooting and post. One day Nick and I had decided to work on the project. For the story we decided to make something awesome! That was our goal from the start. We brainstormed for a while. One idea That kept coming back was a superhero short film. I focused on writing rough draft after rough draft. Then It came to casting. I found two of my friends and my brother who were able to be in the film and could act. I showed them the script and they enjoyed it too! We began shooting. Using personal and borrowed equipment we began shooting. We used a Rode Videomic, micro boompole and dead cat. We used a sony DSLR and a Lowel lighting kit. We shot multiple days and then began the editing phase. Here we are at the final phase, posting. This is our time to receive criticism and praise. I’m happy that we were able to do this. Remember, make something awesome!


Garrett Nicholson
Rendering Glint Films