Way Away

SKH Productions

All Tommy wants to do is dance. When he finds a mysterious unlabeled CD, and the first track becomes his favorite groove. Unfortunately, his father is set on crushing his son's passion. Eventually the straw breaks the camel's back, and Tommy decides to steal his father's car and break free of his lonely home life. Fueled by his wild side, Tommy finds what he's been craving — new music, and a friend.

Behind the scenes of Way Away

Way Away" was filmed in Portland, OR using a RODE NTG2 microphone and a RED Scarlet MX camera, with Zeiss and Sigma lenses. The music played in the film was written and recorded before shooting, so that each dance was accurate and honest, as the talent was able to hear the music actually coming from the boom boxes on set. Adobe Premiere Pro CC was used for post-production.