Ranking of Life

Blind Spot

"Ranking of Life" is a short film about the competetive society. In allmost every part of the daily life we are competing with each other, often without recognizing it. Why do we participate in this game, why is everybody reaching for the first position in this race and can we exit? This questions are asked by the protagonist.. and answered?

Behind the scenes of Ranking of Life

Behind the scenes of the short film "Ranking of Life". Take a look how we shot this no budget production within 5 days.
With light weight equipment (Canon 600D and GoPro 3) and improvised techniques, we tried to achieve the special look of this film. Just 3 crewmembers where involved in the whole process, including writing, acting, shooting and editing. We wanted to show that you don't need a large budget to achieve a great and special result.


Shaun Chin Kee Siong
Seb Cox and UniTV