What A Day

Image2Reality and Metagen Studios

We follow a guy though the worst day ever.

Starting: Joseph Colandrea

Director/Editor/Producer: Chris Van Houten

Director of Photography: Brian De La Cruz

Best Boys: Chris Van Houten & Joseph Colandrea

Production Assistants: Mariah Celeste Hernandez, Brandon Pettus

Extras: Mariah Celeste Hernandez, Brandon Pettus, Chris Van Houten, Sam Rasario, Brandon Karas, Ricky Dias, Joseph Eurphemia, Adrianna Sutton, Gwendolyn Durma, Andrea Aloisi, Jennifer Van Houten, Catherine Jones, John Carroll

Executive Producer Judith Duncker

Producer: Elizabeth Van Houten

Music By: Enso Anima

Behind the scenes of What A Day

This is the behind the scenes for the short film What A Day. Check out what it took to make this film possible!

Camera Operators: Andrea Aloisi, Gwendolyn Durma, Ricky Dias, Chris Van Houten, Joseph Colandrea

Editor: Joseph Colandrea

Image2Reality Productions & Metagen Studios