Albert Chang | Michael Beam

Two graduates struggle with their first few minutes after finishing college.

Behind the scenes of Adulthood

This project was very much inspired by many of us going through graduation or having just graduated. However, even though we were passionate about making this short film come to life, most of the people involved were student volunteers, limiting how often we could meet. Fortunately, we were able to find several places to film on campus (Pomona College), and went light on the gear to minimize set-up time.

We ran with a single, Sony FS700 camera (with the metabones speed boost adapter and several Canon lenses), paired with an Odyssey 7Q recorder so we could film our video in UHD, and later, downscaled to 1080p. For camera movement, we utilized a combination of handheld, slider, and dolly shots; for sound, we used just the Rode NTG-2 shotgun mic, operated via a boom pole.

Since this was pretty much a volunteer project, our director/cinematographer did all of the post production on top of the filming. He used Adobe's Premiere Pro CC for editing, Red Giant's Magic Bullet for color grading, and Adobe After Effects for the animations.


Jonathan Fisk & Jonas Thijs
Eric Romero / Dust