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Bucket List

Alex McClaran/Onay Films

Carter, a young survivor of a recent apocalypse, tries to finish his bucket list, even if it means he puts his life on the line... but he might still take some short cuts.

Behind the scenes of Bucket List

This was an amazingly stressful, but fun process. This is our first attempt at a film as a crew, and this is also was my first finished film (the last one never finished production). We more problems than anything, so it was real difficult accomplishing all that we did (and created a nightmare in post production), but all together we are proud of this film, it has so much that I want to fix, but we had fun making it and shooting it and we can't wait to start doing more. We used the Canon t3i and the Rode NT4. Hope you enjoyed it.


Filmmakers Guild of Odessa / 100cubes
Seb Cox and UniTV
Render3 Media