Nothing Left to Say

Zac McQuade and Adam Zvanovec

“Nothing Left To Say” is a drama about reconciliation. The hero, provoked by his wife rushes out in a hurry to get away from the strain of the relationship. The further he drives away, the deeper into their relationship he meditates on their past. Reflecting on their story, he remembers the love he has and turns the car around. He meets his wife at the only place she would be, where they fell in love.

Behind the scenes of Nothing Left to Say

For this project we wanted to take the opportunity to focus on the element of sound design. Visual picture can only tell so much of the story, so to truly engage a viewer you have to put them in the experience. We really enjoy using sounds to help tell our story, and here is a little bit of the process.


Ricky J Payne / Invisible Darkness
Eric Romero / Dust
Luís Leite / Creative Milk