27 Gallons

Jeremy Liguori and Jonah Moshammer

Set in the bleak future, in a time when the California drought has gotten worse than ever, a sudden raging tornado has sent most people fleeing to relocation communities in the mid-west. This story follows a grandfather desperate to help his granddaughter stay alive as she suffers from extreme sickness and fatigue due to the arid conditions. In a small demolished town, he makes a deal to keep her alive.

Behind the scenes of 27 Gallons

We used a Sony A7s with a Canon 24-105 lens. Most of the film was shot handheld with the lenses Image Stabilization, but we also used a Glidecam HD 2000 for a few shots. The tracking shot in the store was achieved by putting the camera on a skateboard, and rolling it on the shelf next to him. A 3 stop ND filter was used for some of the brighter scenes. For audio we used a Rode NTG2 recording into a Tascam DR-60D MKII. We also used a quadcopter with a GoPro for the aerial shots. Our setup was very minimal, mostly because of our location out in the California desert. We edited and graded using Adobe Premiere.