Los soñados

Bocachico Agencia Creativa

They are in love… But they are not real. A young couple lives their relationship as fast and yearning as they can, but there is something getting in their way. Every night, they come alive through a man’s dream. And every morning, they vanish under his reality. How much time do they have left until they disappear forever?

Behind the scenes of Los soñados

We are Bocachico, a small creative agency from Venezuela, Guayana City based. Even though we found out VERY late about the competition, we got really excited and created an original concept that turned out to be «Los Soñados» («The Dream Ones») shortfilm. Under 72 hours we wrote a script, went location scouting, grabbed our cameras, our RØDE mic, and filmed on 7 locations running against the clock. We fought with some lousy weather and venezuelan slow internet connection, but we loved the experience. Our idea was to create a classy-looking, nostalgic feeling, sharp story that echoed in our hearts, and our small team went head over heels producing it with passion.