Ryan P. Kelly

A detective heading up the organized crime task force has a run in with a wanted Ukrainian mob boss .

Behind the scenes of Elude

WOW! What a challenge! Telling a story with so many moving parts, at night and under 3 minutes!! We had an amazing crew of talented individuals on this (I think 99% of us all have non-film related day jobs)

We shot this entirely on the Sony A7s using the SLRMAGIC Anamorphot 1.3 adapter and only 1 lens (35mm 1.8 e-mount) in aps-c mode recording 4k to an Atomos Shogun that we rented.

We shot with some DIY car rigs using the Ronin Gimbal and the 1 take gun fight was shot using a DIY Kessler pocket jib / dana dolly/ ronin motion control rig

In addition to the NTG-2 we used the Awesome Rode NT-USB for some post work.

Edited in Premiere and After effects with color done on DaVinci resolve lite and sound mastered in Audition.


Oscar Jacques
Nikita Emtsov / Another Sky Productions
Nailed It! Productions
The Gentlemen of Cinema