Ryan P. Kelly

A detective heading up the organized crime task force has a run in with a wanted Ukrainian mob boss .

Behind the scenes of Elude

WOW! What a challenge! Telling a story with so many moving parts, at night and under 3 minutes!! We had an amazing crew of talented individuals on this (I think 99% of us all have non-film related day jobs)

We shot this entirely on the Sony A7s using the SLRMAGIC Anamorphot 1.3 adapter and only 1 lens (35mm 1.8 e-mount) in aps-c mode recording 4k to an Atomos Shogun that we rented.

We shot with some DIY car rigs using the Ronin Gimbal and the 1 take gun fight was shot using a DIY Kessler pocket jib / dana dolly/ ronin motion control rig

In addition to the NTG-2 we used the Awesome Rode NT-USB for some post work.

Edited in Premiere and After effects with color done on DaVinci resolve lite and sound mastered in Audition.


Inkblot Creations
Nailed It! Productions
Brannigan Carter
Matthew Sterling
Jordan Crowder Films