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A man wakes up strapped to an operating table. He begins to question the doctor responsible for putting him there, but he doesn't get the answers he was hoping for.

Behind the scenes of DID

DID was shot in a small local hospital, which supplied us with many props to use in the short. Under 8 hours, we setup the scenes and shot it, keeping it simple with minimal camera movements, lighting setups and locations. We used the following equipment:

- Canon HF G30 Camcorder
- Rode NTG2
- Rode Smartlav+
- Redrock Micro Shoulder Rig
- Davis & Sanford Tripod
- Zoom H2 Recorder

*In memory of Ian's hair that was lost during the production*

Editor/Producer/Writer/Director: Ian G Delgado
Assistant/Actor: Nashely Veronica Delgado
Music by: Kevin Macleod


Chris Pagnozzi / Future Proof Media
Tillman Theatre / Adreeynaline Entertainment
CatsEye Tuckamore