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Pump Fiction

The Pumpous Frenchies

Pump Fiction is a short film about what could happen (or might have happened before, who knows) in a very atypical bike shop in Lyon, France.

Behind the scenes of Pump Fiction

The film was entirely shot with an A7s & Odyssey 7Q+ on a shoulder rig (except for the very first take). We had to use some artificial lights as we only had one day of shooting and couldn't afford the light to change across the day.
Among the 5 actors, 4 never acted before. In fact they were more like friends or clients to the shop that volunteered for this project. Little did they know that they would have to give us some hand regarding the sound or the B-camera, and even sometimes about the lightning.
We also focused on getting rid of any contemporary object. No cellphones involved, we had to remove the CCTV, the computers, we even had to change the phone. This was meant to enhance the atmosphere of the shop which seemed quite timeless.


Eric Romero / Dust
Camelia Azar