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Stereo VideoMic X


查看我们的Stereo VideoMic X视频播放列表
查看我们的Stereo VideoMic X视频播放列表
Stereo VideoMic X 照片

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RØDE SVM X Microphone at SEMA 2014

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  • 电容极头实现真正的声学匹配
  • 内建Rycote® Lyre防震支架
  • 专业平衡 XLR 输出
  • 坚固、轻量的铝制结构
  • 高通滤波器
  • 9V或幻象电源(通过miniXLR提供P48)
  • 电平调节
  • 高频提升
  • 包括SC2TRS线、防扑罩和防风罩
  • WfTUsourceStart=98于 在线注册后免费延长至 10 年保修期

Stereo VideoMic X是最终的广播级立体声话筒,供相机上使用。 话筒使用全金属结构,具有令人难以置信的强劲,非常适合经常使用的专业,同时还提供了高水平的抗射频干扰。 话筒设有一对匹配的1/2” 真电容极头,配置成X-Y 堆叠配置,提供了一个高度逼真的声景。 每个极头均由Rycote® Lyre®震动安装系统支持,隔离振动以及撞击和颠簸。 SVMX背后的数字开关允许用户控制电平调整(–10dB 或+20dB)、高通滤波器(0/75/150Hz)和创新的高频增益(+6dB @ XHz),用于提高对话的清晰度。 VideoMic系列首次采用专业级的3,5mm平衡输出,设于机身的一侧,此外还有射频屏蔽的立体声输出线。 外穹顶结构提供了对敏感极头的物理保护,同时以RØDE获得RedDot奖的Blimp的同样原理减少风噪声。

Stereo VideoMic X 规格
Stereo VideoMic X 规格
声学原理Pressure Gradient
有源电子器件JFET impedance converter
拾音模式 Cardioid
频率范围40Hz - 20kHz
最高 SPL143dB (@1kHz, 1% THD 进入1kΩ负载)
灵敏度-32.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (25.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
电源选项 9V Battery+48V phantom power
等效噪音水平(A-加权) 300g
等效噪音水平(A-加权)102mmH x 118mmW x 100mmD
输出 Minijack OutputTRRS Output
保修 1 年保修,在这里登记后可免费延长至年保修
查看我们的Stereo VideoMic X视频播放列表
查看我们的Stereo VideoMic X视频播放列表
Stereo VideoMic X 评价
Stereo VideoMic X 评价

The [Stereo] VideoMic [X] performed flawlessly during our testing period. As on-camera microphone, it was lightweight and unobtrusive. The selector buttons were easy to use, and their LED indicator lights were easy to see even in bright daylight. The high-pass filter (HPF) controls were a quick way to reduce low frequency hums, and the high frequency boost compensated for detail lost when using a wind screen outside.

Sound quality is what you’d expect from a professional RØDE microphone. We tested the Stereo VideoMic X outside and inside with excellent results. Human voices were warm and clear, as were the nature sounds we captured outside.

Joshua Siegel

In conclusion we have to say we like this mic. It is costly, yes, but it sounds great to our ears. At one point during an edit our Editor was convinced there was an airplane going overhead, only to discover when he pressed “stop” that the sound was on the recording he was editing. If you’re in the market for a compact, quality stereo mic for the top of your camera or camcorder then the Rode Stereo Videomic X is definitely worth a look and listen.

Tube Shooter
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