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Find an authorised RØDE dealer

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  • 带TRRS接口的专业领夹式话筒
  • 全指向电容极头
  • 低调4,5mm微型话筒
  • 兼容iOS设备和特定的Android设备*
  • 包含防风罩和耐用安装夹

smartLav是一款专业级耐用话筒,广泛适合电影、电视和广播或任何专业质量的音频录制,可以不显眼、便携的方式携带,无需额外的无线设备,免去复杂性和昂贵费用。 用户只需为演员佩戴smartLav,将话筒安装上去,连接到智能手机或者平板电脑的耳机插孔即可通过iOS的RØDE Rec应用开始录制。 smartLav采用高品质的全指向电容极头,捕获度的声音,从而方便了安装,并同时确保对用户友好的操作。 防扑罩蔽随附在产品中,可减少风噪和声乐塞音(“硬B”, “T” 和“P”声音),同时还配有持久安装夹与内置电缆管理器。 smartLav与所有能从Apple iOS耳机插孔接受输入的耳机都兼容,不过设计与RØDE的RØDE Rec设备应用搭配时最为完美。 RØDE Rec接通用户的iOS设备,插入一个全功能的信息组录制器,具有各类均衡预设置以适应不同的录制的情况下,还可以借助专业编辑和发布功能直接发布到SoundCloud和Dropbox。

smartLav 规格
smartLav 规格
声学原理Pressure Gradient
频率范围20Hz - 20kHz
灵敏度-32.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (25.50mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
等效噪音水平(A-加权) 6.00g
等效噪音水平(A-加权)1180.00mmH x 4.50mmW x 4.50mmD
输出 TRRS Output
保修 1 年
smartLav 评价
smartLav 评价

For the price, the smartLav is an incredibly effective solution that delivers very good quality audio in place of a more expensive lapel mic or wireless system.

Lexy Savvides

What it comes down to is if you ever need to capture audio for interviews or you think you may need to one day, my suggestion would be to pick up a RØDE SmarLav and have it in your bag at all times. If your option is the built in microphone or the SmarLav the difference is night and day, it’s a no brainer. The ability to capture professional sounding audio for as little as $60 could be the difference between getting the job or not.

I fully recommend this product based on its value, quality and ease of use.

Jared Polin
Fro Knows Photo

We tested it outdoors and found the smartLav to do an excellent job of clearly picking up our voices while excluding the extraneous noises of wind and wildlife around us. Drop off was practically non-existent as we turned away from the mic and back again. The overall sound quality was very good.

Microphone of the Year 2013

Mark Holder

To be clear, this is not a studio microphone. Rather, this is an inexpensive, totally convenient portable voice recording solution that’s great for recording one person speaking. If you’re giving a presentation and you want to record yourself, this is the best bargain I’ve seen for an unobtrusive, decent-sounding audio track.

Matthew McGlynn
Recording Hacks

Poor interview audio is really inexcusable these days – even for shooters on limited budgets. If you can’t afford a high quality wireless mic or need to mic up multiple people on set then here is an elegant and inexpensive solution from RØDE.

Matthew Allard
News Shooter
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smartLav 支持
  • 我如何将记录从RØDE Rec导出到我的电脑?+
    • RØDE Rec提供了许多方便的导出选项,包括SoundCloud, DropBox, FTP、电子邮件和 web 浏览器,但最常用的方法是直接通过有线连接导出到电脑上。 在RØDE Rec(和RØDE Rec LE)中,该功能成为“iTunes File Sharing”,因为它依赖于Apple的iTunes程序来从您的设备中检索文件。 要下载文件,只要按照这些简单的步骤操作即可:
      1. 查看录音,并在右下角点击“分享”按钮
      2. 点击“iTunes File Sharing”
      3. 点击“Create Audio File”
      4. 现在,您可以选择您喜欢的音频格式。 RØDE Rec LE提供的选择有限,但完整版本则为您提供了八大主流编解码器。 请注意,您也可以选择多种格式。
      5. 点击“Create Audio File”
      6. 现在,如果还没有连接手机,请将您的手机连接到您的电脑。
      7. 打开iTunes并选择您的设备
      8. 点击画面顶部的“应用”选项卡,然后从“文件共享”部分选择RØDE Rec(或RØDE Rec LE)。

      9. 选择要传输的文件,然后单击“另存为”,将文件保存到您的电脑中
        目前RØDE Rec不支持批量导出文件,但我们将努力实现这一功能。