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DCS-1 照片

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  • 双冷靴支架
  • 结实耐用的结构
  • 轻量、小巧的设计
  • 带有 ¼ 英寸螺纹接口的坚固底座

DCS-1 是一款双冷靴支架,可在配备单个冷靴卡口的设备上安装两个话筒或冷靴配件。其采用轻质铝制成,坚固而小巧,可兼容所有带有冷靴转接头的 RØDE 产品。其还配备电缆管理槽,适用于指定的 RØDE 音频电缆。

此外,该支架还可与 SC11 组合使用,提供整洁而简化的解决方案,可在单台数码单反相机或录制设备上连接两个话筒,例如,两个无线 GO 接收器,或者一个无线接收器和一个 VideoMic。

DCS-1 规格
DCS-1 规格
Weight (g)


Packed Weight (g)


Dimensions (L x W x H, mm)

21mm x 92mm x 22mm

Package Dimensions (L x W x H, mm)

102.5mm x 34mm x 54.5mm

Compatible RØDE Products

  • Wireless GO

  • VideoMic NTG

  • VideoMicro

  • VideoMic

  • VideoMic Pro

  • VideoMic Pro+

  • VideoMic GO

  • Stereo VideoMic

  • Stereo VideoMic Pro

  • Stereo VideoMic X

DCS-1 支持
  • How do I mic up more than one person?+
    • If you need to mic up a second person you will need an additional Wireless GO system. You can attach both receivers to the cold shoe of your camera using the DCS-1 dual cold shoe mount. Then use the SC11 splitter cable to connect both receivers to the single mic input of your camera. If you want to connect the Wireless GOs to your phone you will also need the SC4 adapter cable – simply plug the SC11 single input into the SC4 and then into your mobile device.