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NTG8 照片

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  • 优异的广播级音质
  • 高灵敏度
  • 超心形拾音模式
  • 高度指向极坐标响应
  • 在轴和离轴均实现自然的音色
  • 专门设计可耐受恶劣的环境条件
  • 极低的处理噪音
  • 高水平的抗无线电频率干扰能力
  • 真正的电容话筒(外部 RF 偏置)
  • 随附运输用全天候铝合金罐,SM8防震架和防风罩
  • 于 在线注册后免费延长至 10 年保修期

NTG8根据RØDE屡获殊荣的NTG3枪式话筒设计,是一款广播级质量的射频偏置枪式话筒,在很宽的频率响应范围上都增加了指向性。 这使得NTG8成为电影、电视、体育和户外广播、现场表演和任何专业的远距离拾音应用的完美话筒。 与NTG8一样,NTG3具有很低的自噪声、自然的音色,正轴和离轴时均不带音染,而且采用射频偏置技术,确保话筒能够完全耐受其他话筒可能无法正常运作的高湿度环境。 NTG8采用黑色磨砂漆面,附带专门设计的防震架(SM8),能够完美隔绝操作噪音并提供出色的电缆管理和灵活的安装选项。 产品还随附坚固的防风雨铝罐,为话筒提供运输或储存的最终保障。 产品包还有WSNTG8防风罩,提供一定的环境保护。 RØDE NTG8长枪式话筒在澳大利亚设计和制造,还提供RØDE Microphones业界领先的10年保修。

NTG8 规格
NTG8 规格
声学原理Line Gradient
有源电子器件RF Bias
拾音模式 Supercardioid
频率范围40Hz - 20kHz
最高 SPL124dB (@1kHz, 1% THD 进入1kΩ负载)
最大输出电平8.2dBu (@1kHz, 1% THD 进入1kΩ负载) (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load)
灵敏度-20.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (97.50mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
电源选项 +48V phantom power
等效噪音水平(A-加权) 345.00g
等效噪音水平(A-加权)559.00mmH x 19.00mmW x 19.00mmD
输出 XLR Output
保修 1 年保修,在这里登记后可免费延长至年保修
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NTG8 评价
NTG8 评价

If we start with build, then the RØDE scores very highly. It's beautifully designed and put together... just turning it over in your hands the thing oozes quality.

Wow. This is an impressive mic. Good build quality, great to use and excellent audio quality. Oh, what a beauty.


Jerry Ibotson
Audio Media

I have been of the opinion for a while now that the MKH416P48 and the NTG3 are the best shotgun microphones available in the under £1,000 price bracket but now I must add the NTG8 to that collection. So impressed am I that while I already own the MKH416P48 and the NTG3 that I am now seriously tempted to buy the NTG8 as well!

In my opinion, for its price and quality the new RØDE NTG8 is the best shotgun microphone around! I believe that when it comes to buying professional audio equipment the rule should be, "Buy once and buy well!" and in the past I have had niggles about the quality of some of the so called professional microphones I have tested but have none about the RØDE NTG8, it is simply the best shotgun microphone I have ever handled.

Phil Janvier
Focus Magazine
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