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1” 心形电容话筒

NT1 照片

Demons - Imagine Dragons (Cover by Jasmine Thompson)

Let Us Go ( A JR Aquino Original)

Jason Derulo: Trumpets - Yo Preston

Lauren Aquilina: Lovers Or Liars

Katy B: Crying For No Reason - Tom Longhurst

Jhene Aiko - The Worst | From Time (Cover) - JR Aquino

Beyonce - Drunk In Love (Cover) - JR Aquino

Disclosure Feat. Sam Smith - Latch (Cover) - JR Aquino

Usher - U Remind Me (Cover) - JR Aquino

Ty Dolla $ign - Paranoid (Cover) - JR Aquino

Coldplay: Magic - Lauren Aquilina

5 Seconds of Summer: She Looks So Perfect - Luke Towler

Rode NT1 Cardoid Condenser Microphone Complete Recording Kit Audio Test & Review 4K


All of Me - John Legend (Cover By Jasmine Thompson)

Clean Bandit: Rather Be - Asha

"Timber" + "Set Fire To The Rain" MASHUP - Cover by Meghan Tonjes (REQUEST TUESDAY)

Pitbull - Timber ft. Kesha

Mad World - Gary Jules / Tears For Fears (Cover by Jasmine Thompson)

"Say Something" A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera (Cover by Jasmine Thompson)

"I See Fire" Ed Sheeran The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Cover By Jasmine Thompson)

Heart Philippines - Lean On Me Cover | The Fu & Lana Mckissack

RØDE NT1 - First Listen - New Black 2014 Redesign

Behind the Scenes on the NT1 SoundBooth

Introducing the new RØDE NT1

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  • 带镀金振膜的大1”电容极头
  • 心形拾音模式
  • Rycote® Lyre®内部极头防震架
  • 超低噪音,自身噪声只有4,5dB(A)
  • 最先进的表面贴装电路
  • 可随附RM2安装(NT1-SINGLE)或SMR防震架(NT1-KIT)
  • 于 在线注册后免费延长至 10 年保修期

NT1是RØDE的一款革命性的新1"振膜电容话筒。 虽然新的NT1机身非常类似于NT1-A,但话筒已经完全重新设计,唯一的相同组件只有网状格栅。 RØDE设计工程师以NT1作为创新和传统的基础,首先采用全新的极头设计。 产品代号为HF6,是RØDE的融合艺术设计方法和尖端制造技术的完美典范,并配有完善的绝美音色,让人想起老而著名的话筒,同时噪音极低。 该产品具有集中的中频细节相应,再加上柔滑流畅的温暖高频以及圆润的低音,使NT1绝对在同级产品中鹤立鸡群。 另一个世界第一的RØDE设计是话筒内传感器使用Rycote的业界领先的Lyre悬挂系统,最大限度地减少极头外部振动。 极头与高档电子设备结合,提供任何演播室话筒能达到的最低噪音水平。 NT1是一支令人难以置信的安静话筒,只能测得4,5dBA的自噪声。 其主体由6061铝再镀镍支撑,抗腐蚀性,耐加工。 最后,涂层采用的是坚固耐用、军用级的陶瓷层,利用先进的RØDE静电施加技术完成,以确保成品极其耐磨,不会留下划痕。 NT1 随附有新的革命性 RØDE SMR 防震架。 它采用了独特的双Lyre悬挂系统,为SMR增强了现有的卓越的振动抵消,Rycote的Lyre系统通过使用一个更小的内Lyre作为拉紧元件。 这能够保持每个Lyre处于中立位置,能够最有效消除振动。 SMR的可拆卸全金属防扑罩特别有效,不仅有视觉冲击力,而且可以防止爆破音,也很容易清晰,是长时间持续防震架和话筒的集成解决方案。 NT1电容话筒在澳大利亚设计和制造,还提供RØDE业界领先的10年保修。

NT1 规格
NT1 规格
声学原理Pressure Gradient
有源电子器件JFET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer
拾音模式 Cardioid
频率范围20Hz - 20kHz
最高 SPL132dB (@1kHz, 1% THD 进入1kΩ负载)
最大输出电平8.0dBu (@1kHz, 1% THD 进入1kΩ负载) (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load)
灵敏度-29.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (35.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
电源选项 +24V phantom power+48V phantom power
等效噪音水平(A-加权) 440.00g
等效噪音水平(A-加权)187.00mmH x 50.00mmW x 50.00mmD
输出 XLR Output
保修 1 年保修,在这里登记后可免费延长至年保修

NT1 评价
NT1 评价

I gave the NT1 a try on a few vocal takes and found it very true to life. As expected, the frequency response curve on the frequency chart is near flat, with virtually no colouring of the sound. It made for some great takes.

In my opinion this is probably the most affordable professional-level large diaphragm microphone on the market – and it comes with a 10 year warranty. At the end of the day, I was in love with the sleek design and simple functionality. This mic will get the job done.

Paul Lau
Professional Sound

The NT1 vocal sound is crisp and detailed with plenty of warm low-end body, nothing missing or exaggerated in the midrange and an airy clarity in the top end, plus the included double-meshed pop shield does a great job and conveniently sits unobtrusively exactly where you need it.

A decent large diaphragm cardioid condenser mic should be high on the shopping list for anyone who wishes to primarily record vocals and this new NT1 is one of the best we have heard in the reasonably affordable price bracket.

Trevor Curwen
Future Music

The NT1 is a great mic, and not just for the money. It’s voiced with less emphasis all-round, which makes it a great all-purpose mic. It’s part of what made the U87 a classic in the first place — it just works, a lot of the time. But this is no slavish emulation, Rode has managed to capture that essence of a real workhorse with the NT1. When you wrap the fact you get a completely professional-level shockmount and pop filter thrown in, which is nothing to be sniffed at, the value just keeps getting better.

Mark Davie
Audio Technology

I want to emphasise that ambient room noise is all you will hear, even at high mic gains; not even a whisper of self noise from the NT1. This is an uncannily quiet microphone! In practice this means you can throw away any need to close mic quiet sources just because of self noise considerations.

I guess I had expected the NT1 to sound more or less the same as the NT1-A but as we’ll see from my recording notes, there are some significant differences with certain sound sources.

...So if you are in the market for an affordable, quality studio condenser microphone then you should pop an NT1 into your cart, you won’t be disappointed.

Robert Campbell

What's going on with the sound of the new NT1? Unlike the original, which I thought had a good deal of high-mid and top presence; the new version is a much flatter sounding mic. Self-noise is very low.

In short, this is a good bang-for- the-buck mic that won't get you in trouble with harshness. And the SMR shockmount - that's worth the price alone.

Garrett Haines
Tape Op

I immediately had one of those “This mic costs how much?” moments.

Overall the NT1 reminds me a slight bit of classic mics from the past—not that it’s trying to be “vintage”, but rather that it lacks the high-end profile of many mics that we have come to equate with the “modern condenser sound.”

Paul Vnuk Jr.
Recording Magazine

...the new NT1 sounded surprisingly polished given its modest cost. It brings clarity to the mid-range, helping vocals sit with confidence at the front of the mix, while the top end exudes a hint of air but stops well short of sounding gritty or harsh.

Microphone choice is as much about subjectivity as it is spec sheets, but this very affordable microphone ticks a lot of boxes in both areas and definitely deserves a place on anyone's short list.

Paul White
Sound on Sound
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