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录音棚级 USB 话筒

查看我们的NT-USB Mini视频播放列表
查看我们的NT-USB Mini视频播放列表
NT-USB Mini 照片

Features and Specifications of the NT-USB Mini

Introducing the RØDE NT-USB Mini

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  • 高品质的电容音头可传递清晰、专业音效的温馨和质感。
  • 指向性心形拾音模式进一步减少了空间内的杂音和其它的多余噪音。
  • 平滑的频率响应在广泛的应用中音效极佳。
  • 内置防喷罩,可减少爆破音。
  • 专用的可拆卸磁性桌面支架可减轻磕碰和颠簸,且易于拆卸。
  • 集成型 360 度旋转底座,可快速轻松地安装到桌面、话筒支架或录音棚摇臂上。
  • 录音棚级耳机放大器带有精确的电平控制和可切换的零延迟监测,可用于消除干扰回声。
  • 即插即用的 USB 输出可与电脑和平板电脑无缝衔接,易于使用,只需插入后点击录制。

NT-USB Mini将RØDE世界级的录音棚话筒音质融入到了其小巧易用的机身中。这款话筒旨在将专业音质的高清音频直接传送到电脑或平板电脑上,非常适合游戏玩家、播客、音乐人、直播播主和内容创作者实现全面高质音频。

NT-USB Mini 的特点是录音棚级的耳机放大器和高品质的 3.5 毫米耳机输出,并配有精确的音量控制,让您能够轻松地监测音频。还有一种可切换的零延迟监控模式,用于在跟踪歌声或录制乐器声时消除干扰回声。它的设置和使用都非常简单,只需几个简单的控件、一个内置防喷罩和一个即插即用的 USB 输出,即可与电脑或平板电脑无缝衔接,无需驱动程序或软件。只需用内附的 USB 连接线插入您的 Mac、PC 或平板电脑,然后点击录制。

NT-USB Mini 有一个专用的可拆卸磁性桌面支架,不仅可为各种桌面提供坚固的底座,而且易于拆卸和安装到话筒支架或录音棚摇臂上。有了这款支架和专用的 360 度旋转底座,您就可以对话筒进行各种摆位,来获得可能好的最佳录音效果。

NT-USB Mini 是各种桌面设备或个人录音棚设备的完美配件。它仅有 89 毫米宽,141 毫米高,非常小巧,只占用宝贵桌面空间的一小部分。而且外观出众:豪华时尚、线条清晰,具有现代美感。耐磨钢和强化尼龙树脂结构,让 NT-USB Mini 无论何时何地都能承受录制过程中的严苛环境。

NT-USB Mini 规格
NT-USB Mini 规格
Acoustic Principle

Pressure gradient

Active Electronics

Electret condenser, A/D and USB interface

Polar Pattern


Frequency Range

20 Hz – 20 kHz

Input SPL @ 1% THD

121dB (A-weighted, as per IEC651)

Sample Rates

48 kHz

Bus Powered


Bit Depth


Analog Outputs

3.5mm headphone

Computer Connectivity

USB - simultaneous I/O

Mono input, stereo output

Output Connection


OS Requirements

macOS 10.12 / Windows 10


1 year with free extension to 2 years following registration here

Weight (g)


Dimensions (mm)

Height: 141.9

Width: 54.5

Diameter (base): 89.3

查看我们的NT-USB Mini视频播放列表
查看我们的NT-USB Mini视频播放列表
NT-USB Mini 支持
  • What does the knob on the NT-USB Mini do?+
    • The knob on the NT-USB Mini is an output control for your headphone levels. It is not an input control – your input level must be set on your computer or recording device. This knob also activates zero-latency monitoring mode, which accessed by pressing it and is indicated by the top left LED.

  • Will the NT-USB Mini work with high-impedance headphones?+
    • The headphone amplifier in the NT-USB Mini is very powerful, and easily capable of driving high-impedance headphones.

  • How do I adjust the level going to the computer?+
    • The input gain for the NT-USB Mini can be controlled through your system settings. For Mac, this will be in ‘Sound Preferences’ > ‘Input’ tab > ‘Input Volume'. For PC, it will be in ‘Recording Devices’ > click on “NT-USB Mini” > ‘Properties’ > ‘Levels’. The volume knob controls the output going to your headphones.

  • Does the NT-USB Mini have a pop filter?+
    • Yes, the NT-USB Mini has an in-built pop filter for reducing plosives. This differs from the NT-USB, which has an external pop filter.

  • I have zero-latency monitoring mode activated, but I’m still hearing echo in my recording. How do I stop this?+
    • If you are still hearing an echo when you activate the zero-latency monitoring mode on the NT-USB Mini, you should mute your microphone channel output in your recording software.

      Here’s an example. Let’s imagine you are adding the vocal track to a song. In your recording software you have the other parts of the song – drums, guitar, bass and so on; you have created a track for the vocal and assigned the NT-USB Mini to this track to record. By default, your DAW will likely still be sending the output of the microphone back to the headphone along with the rest of the mix. You will hear this in addition as the zero-latency audio from the mic, meaning your voice might sound as if it has an echo or doubling effect on it.

      To prevent this, mute the output of your vocal track in your software when you are recording the vocal. This means you will hear in your headphones two things – the full mix of the song, but without your voice, and the zero-latency monitor output of your voice. This makes for a more natural recording experience.

      Once you’ve finished recording, don’t forget to unmute your vocal channel so you can listen to and your song with the vocal track you just recorded in the mix. Also deactivate zero-latency monitoring so you can edit your mix without any distracting sounds from the room being picked up by the mic and sent to your headphones.

  • What recording distance is best for this microphone?+
    • The NT-USB Mini is a condenser microphone, which means it is quite sensitive and capable of cleanly picking up audio further from the microphone. This makes it great for a wide variety of applications, from recording acoustic guitar to taking a video call while sitting at a desk. For singing, livestreaming or voiceover production, we recommend setting up the microphone around 10-15cm from the mouth to take advantage of the proximity effect. Placing the microphone closer to the sound source will also improve the voice-to-background-noise ratio.

  • What RØDE accessories is the NT-USB Mini compatible with?+
    • The NT-USB Mini is compatible with the PSA-1, DS1, Tripod and all RØDE boom poles.

  • How does the zero-latency monitoring mode work?+
    • When you record into your computer, you usually want to monitor (listen to) what you are recording in your headphones. By default, the audio is sent from the microphone to your computer and is then processed by your recording software. It is then sent back to your headphones. The problem with this is that it takes a fraction of a second for your computer software to process the audio and send it back to the headphones, which can cause a distracting delay – this delay is known as latency and will vary in length depending on your setup. This delay can make it very hard to perform naturally, whether you’re singing or speaking. The zero-latency monitoring mode removes this distracting delay. This is achieved by sending the output of the microphone directly to the headphones in real-time, bypassing the computer. This signal is accompanied by the output from your computer, so you can still hear the output (for example, your backing track if you are singing, or your game sound if you're streaming), but allows a more natural and comfortable listening experience (which results in a better performance).

      To activate this mode, simply press the volume knob on the front of the NT-USB Mini. You will immediately hear the output of the microphone in your headphones. To deactivate this mode, simply click the volume knob again.

      Note: When using zero-latency monitoring mode, you may want to mute your microphone channel output in your software while recording, so you only hear the rest of the mix. This will ensure the most natural and echo-free sound.

  • What’s the difference between the NT-USB and the NT-USB Mini?+
    • The NT-USB Mini is more compact than the NT-USB; it also has an in-built pop filter, a magnetic base that is easily detachable, a 360-degree swing mount, and more streamlined, straightforward controls, which makes it a great portable, easy-to-use option. The NT-USB features a removable pop shield, a locking thread base for mounting to external shock mounts, along with a monitor mix control knob to fine tune your mic input/device output mix. Both microphones deliver pristine, studio-quality audio.

  • Does the NT-USB Mini work with all computers and tablets?+
    • The NT-USB Mini will work with any device that supports class-compliant audio. This includes PCs, Macs, Android devices, and Lightning iOS devices when used with the camera connector kit. If there is a warning on your device that the mic draws too much power, then simply plug in the lighting port of the adapter to a power supply.


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