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为 Apple iPhone® 与 iPad® 打造的立体声麦克风。

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30 在线零售商销售 i-XY

  • 支持 24-bit/96kHz* 立体声音频录制
  • 配对的 1/2" 心形电容
  • 金属外壳提升耐用性和抗电磁干扰能力。
  • 配备防风罩及拉链包
  • 可切换软件的 72Hz 高通滤波器,可减少无用低频噪声。
  • iXY-L 与所有 Apple® Lightning® 软件兼容。
  • 十二个月保修期

RØED i-XY 是适用于 iPhone® 和 iPad® 的高品质录音麦克风。录音能力高达 24-bit/96k*,板载高保真 A/D 转换器,确保您的 i-XY 录音结果丰富、流畅和准确。

i-XY 核心采用配对的 1/2” 心形电容,以完美 90 度角度固定,摆位“近乎重合”。能够录制出身临其境的真实立体声,精准捕捉每个细节。

澳大利亚设计制造。支持所有 Apple® Lightning® 设备。

配有室外录制专用泡沫防风罩,以及加强型防护拉链包,确保您能随时取用 i-XY。

* 需要 RØDE Rec 或 RØDE Rec LE 应用才能达到 24/96 品质录音。iPhone 和 iPad 是 Apple Inc. 在美国及其他国家注册的商标。

i-XY 规格
i-XY 规格
声学原理Pressure Gradient
拾音模式 Cardioid
频率范围20Hz - 20kHz
最高 SPL120dB (@1kHz, 1% THD 进入1kΩ负载)
灵敏度-42.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (8.52mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
等效噪音水平(A-加权) 40.00g
等效噪音水平(A-加权)46.00mmH x 55.00mmW x 40.00mmD
保修 1 年
i-XY 评价
i-XY 评价

Simple, easy, and useful. I wanted one just from seeing this ad and imagining all the problems the i-XY could solve for me.

It's pretty awesome to have a quality company like RØDE design and build a mic/converter like this for use with Apple iOS devices. In the past, we've had to suffer through tech companies creating accessories like this that were always lacking in build and sound quality. Before now, I never considered using my iPhone to record a show or anything beyond a simple voice memo or a roughed-out musical idea. Now I will be carrying the i-XY (in the included protective zip case) with me everywhere I go.

Larry Crane
Tape Op

RØDE has recently developed a reputation for making the right tools for the job at a good price, and these two well-thought out packages won't disappoint. The i-XY improves audio on the iPhone beyond what most people thought was possible.

Nigel Jopson

With the advent of iThings and apps came the expectation that pretty much anything you could run on them or plug into them would be cheap and cheerful. But to make the best possible use of their 24-bit, 96kHz recording capabilities, you need a good microphone, which is where the RØDE i-XY comes in.

The i-XY sounds good, works as it should do, and as an alternative to buying a separate flash recorder, it makes a lot of sense.

Paul White
Sound on Sound

It has a solid build and physically feels top-notch.

In the new world of social media where everything is nearly instantaneous, the i-XY delivers professional quality instantly.

Whether it’s to record song ideas, capture a one-on-one interview, or even create any type of foley or sound effects on-the-fly, the i-XY is a cool little powerhouse device, and I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

Paul Lau
Canadian Musician

Immediately out of the box its clear that Rode has brought the proverbial gun to a knife fight. The i-XY is unquestionably one of the most professional looking iThings to plug in to the 30 pin dock of an iOS device.

When it comes high quality field recording for iOS devices Rode brings their A-Game with the i-XY. They’ve managed to package high quality hardware with a clever and complete recording application that in our opinion negates the need to carry around a separate field recording device.

Travis North
The Modern Vocalist

RØDE has a knack for over-delivering. i-XY is a case in point.
While for some manufacturers the iDevices are just another opportunity to graft a few bucks from the general public with adjunct plastic bits ’n’ bobs. RØDE has really bought into the design story of Apple’s devices and designed an accessory that would even satisfy Jonny Ives’ aesthetic sensibilities.

The combo of i-XY and RØDE REC is far more formidable than a phone ‘accessory’ and an app should be. Not to mention it comes in a miniature moulded, zip-up case you can carabiner to your key chain,and a custom windsock. RØDE’s on a winner with these two.

Mark Davie
Audio Technology

The unit’s build oozes quality.

We tested the unit by recording a vocal and acoustic guitar performance, percussion sampling and general speech capture. The fidelity of the i-XY is impressive – no grainy frequencies and good high-end detail. Stereo is also nice and wide while retaining good positional information.

Andy Price
Music Tech Magazine
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i-XY 支持
  • i-XY录制24-位/96kHz的音频质量如何?+
    • RØDE开发了 i-XY和RØDE Rec软件,为Apple iOS设备提供最高分辨率的录音品质。 i-XY使用iOS设备的数字接口绕过其音频电路,而不是用iXY本身执行所有模拟数字转换。 RØDE通过控制硬件和软件,能够在iOS设备上录制高达24-位/96kHz的高品质音频。
  • 当我将耳机连接到我的iOS设备上时,RØDE Rec话筒变成了其他项目-这是为什么?+
    • Apple iOS自动以最后连接的设备作为录音输入,因此,如果您正在使用耳机来监控您的RØDE Rec记录,请确保您先连接耳机,再连接录音设备,将连接耳机之后在选项中选择您使用的话筒。
  • 我的i-XY不能被我的设备检测到,或者只能偶尔被检测到+
    • iOS 6.1.1中的某个更新会导致与i-XY的兼容性问题,致使话筒仅会偶尔响应,必须重新连接才能被设备检测到。 这在0.14.19以上固件版本中已经修正。 您可以按照这里的说明将固件更新到最新版本。
  • 我如何将记录从RØDE Rec导出到我的电脑?+
    • RØDE Rec提供了许多方便的导出选项,包括SoundCloud, DropBox, FTP、电子邮件和 web 浏览器,但最常用的方法是直接通过有线连接导出到电脑上。 在RØDE Rec(和RØDE Rec LE)中,该功能成为“iTunes File Sharing”,因为它依赖于Apple的iTunes程序来从您的设备中检索文件。 要下载文件,只要按照这些简单的步骤操作即可:
      1. 查看录音,并在右下角点击“分享”按钮
      2. 点击“iTunes File Sharing”
      3. 点击“Create Audio File”
      4. 现在,您可以选择您喜欢的音频格式。 RØDE Rec LE提供的选择有限,但完整版本则为您提供了八大主流编解码器。 请注意,您也可以选择多种格式。
      5. 点击“Create Audio File”
      6. 现在,如果还没有连接手机,请将您的手机连接到您的电脑。
      7. 打开iTunes并选择您的设备
      8. 点击画面顶部的“应用”选项卡,然后从“文件共享”部分选择RØDE Rec(或RØDE Rec LE)。

      9. 选择要传输的文件,然后单击“另存为”,将文件保存到您的电脑中
        目前RØDE Rec不支持批量导出文件,但我们将努力实现这一功能。
  • Why is playthrough disabled at 96kHz?+
    • Due to the processing power required at 24-bit/96kHz, RØDE Rec is unable to offer playthrough to headphones at this resolution with latency acceptable to professional applications.

      Playthrough is available at 24-bit/48kHz and all resolutions below however.

  • 如何更新我的i-XY固件?+
    • i-XY的固件是小软件,控制如何话筒如何iOS设备搭配运作。 固件更新很简单,可通过免费RØDE Rec LE应用程序完成。


      请注意,虽然更新通过RØDE Rec LE执行,但它更新的是i-XY本身,以便它可以被任何应用程序使用。



      <iframe width="590" height="330" frameborder="0" src="" webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>


      1. 打开RØDE Rec LE应用程序
      2. 连接iXY
      3. 选择“+”符号(右下)创建一个新的录音
      4. 如果显示输入选择画面,点击“Create”(右上)
      5. 在录音画面中,单击“设置”按钮(底部中心)
      6. 选择“Input”
      7. 选择“i-XY”(如果iXY选项不可用,断开并重新连接iXY)
      8. 该界面将显示iXY的详细信息,包括固件版本。 如果有可用的更新,将有一个“Update Firmware”按钮
      9. 选择“Update Firmware”
      10. 选择“Next”
      11. 选择“Update Firmware” 该过程可能需要最多五分钟。在此过程中请不要断开该设备。
      12. 固件成功更新后,新版本将显示在界面上。