Important information about purchasing from Amazon in the US.

RØDE Microphones does not authorize Fulfilled By Amazon. We have purchased counterfeit RØDE products using Fulfilled by Amazon and highly recommend that you only purchase RØDE products from authorised dealers.

If you purchase any RØDE microphone from an unauthorized dealer via Fulfilled By Amazon you will not receive any US warranty or technical support.

You can view a full list of authorized US dealers here.



话筒的拾音模式详细说明了话筒对不同角度不同频率的灵敏度。 值得注意的是,虽然极性响应被绘制成二维图,它实际上反映的是三维空间的情况。 下面单个话筒对不同频率点的极性响应的示例。 注意,话筒的极性响应随频率变化。