Important information about purchasing from Amazon in the US.

RØDE Microphones does not authorize Fulfilled By Amazon. We have purchased counterfeit RØDE products using Fulfilled by Amazon and highly recommend that you only purchase RØDE products from authorised dealers.

If you purchase any RØDE microphone from an unauthorized dealer via Fulfilled By Amazon you will not receive any US warranty or technical support.

You can view a full list of authorized US dealers here.


“Signal to Noise ratio”是什么意思?

信噪比(通常缩写为S/N)是指信号功率与干扰信号的噪声功率的比值。 该比值相当于希望得到的信号的电平与背景噪声电平之比。 比值越高,背景噪声就越不明显。 信噪比水平的测量值参见 dB SPL。 数字越大,表示音频信号和本底噪声的差值越大,因此表观噪声也就越低。