Important information about purchasing from the US.

RØDE Microphones highly recommend that you only purchase RØDE products from authorised dealers. You can view a full list of authorized US dealers here.

If you purchase any RØDE microphone from an unauthorized dealer you will not receive any US warranty or technical support. You can view a full list of unauthorized US dealers here.



是的,RØDE为产品提供尽可能长的支持,一直延续到停产后多年。 据我们了解,您通常会有最“惯用”的话筒,平常工作离不开它,因此我们将尽我们所能来帮助维修这些停产的产品。 备件通常都有库存,因此请联系您当地的服务代理获得此类维修援助。