Important information about purchasing from the US.

If you see a price that looks too good to be true, it probably is! Beware of counterfeit goods. Check our website to make sure you’re purchasing from an authorized RØDE reseller. For quick reference NO FBA reseller (FULFILLMENT BY AMAZON) on Amazon is authorized. You can view a current list of unauthorized US dealers here.

There Has Been an Important Update to the RØDECaster Pro Firmware!

There has been an important update to the RØDECaster Pro firmware. Version 1.2.1 is an incremental update to version 1.2.0, which was released last month and enabled multitrack to microSD recording amongst some other handy features.

This new update includes important bug fixes that relate to the microSD card functionality. We strongly recommend that all RØDECaster Pro users with firmware version 1.2.0 update their unit.  

Download version 1.2.1 here

As part of the version 1.2.1 update, we also recommend that you reformat any microSD card that you have used with your RØDECaster Pro. You can do this on your computer, or on the RØDECaster – simply go to Settings > Hardware > microSD > Erase SD Card.

Remember to back up your SD card before you do this!

If you are having any issues with your RØDECaster Pro, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Happy podcasting!