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Micro Boompole Pro
Ultra-Lightweight Modular Boompole
查看我们的Micro Boompole Pro视频播放列表
查看我们的Micro Boompole Pro视频播放列表

Introducing the RØDE Micro Boompole Pro

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The Micro Boompole Pro is a unique, modular booming device that allows location sound engineers to capture audio in confined or difficult spaces.

Optimised for use with the VideoMicro microphone, the Micro Boompole Pro’s three sections combine to a maximum length of 2.2m (7’2”). Using an industry standard 3/8” thread, these sections can also be used to extend the Boompole Pro to reach to over 3.7m (12').

Micro Boompole Pro 规格
查看我们的Micro Boompole Pro视频播放列表
查看我们的Micro Boompole Pro视频播放列表
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