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G’day from Sydney!

欢迎来到RØDE Microphones,我们是一家独一无二的澳大利亚音响公司。 我们的总部坐落在美丽的悉尼,位于悉尼市区西侧20km,紧邻悉尼 2000 Olympics。 最先进的工厂由两座总占地面积超过10.000m²的仓库组成,拥有超过30百万美元的精密机械和超过140人的工作人员。 除了位于悉尼的中心以外,我们在西雅图、洛杉矶、纽约和香港也设有办事处,是RØDE一家真正的跨国公司。


Freedman Electronics painting
The original store on Liverpool Rd, Ashfield, in Sydney. Painting by Jim Wynne.


Freedman Electronics自1967开始起步,最初是Astrid Freedman和Henry从瑞典移民到澳大利亚之后开设的一家店铺。 Freedman Electronics很快成为刚刚起步的澳大利亚音响行业的领导者,在扬声器、放大器和定制电子产品领域成为专家,同时还涉足新奇话筒领域。 Freedman Electronics还是澳大利亚第一家经营Dynacord控制台的公司,这项业务为其在澳大利亚获得声誉,而当时Henry坐在办公桌后面为正在进行1968年澳大利亚巡演的年轻的Tom Jones混音。
Freedman Electronics engineers, c1989; Capsule Engineer John Qiu (centre) is still with the company.


随着为家庭录音爱好者带去福音的技术进步以及成本相对较低的齿轮在1990年代发展到新的高度,一种低成本而高品质的话筒已经准备好进入市场。 在从中国采购一种话筒并测试澳大利亚市场后,Henry的儿子RØDE与Peter Freedman开始在澳大利亚创建设施来设计、建造和生产话筒。 很快,完全由澳大利亚设计、建造和生产的NT2开始从生产线源源不断送出并开始奇妙之旅,见证了RØDE彻底改变世界上每一天人们录音的的方式。
Unlike most competitors, precision metal machining is performed in-house at RØDE, guaranteeing quality and efficiency.


RØDE一直视技术和精密制造为其核心价值。 2000年代,RØDE大量投资最新的机械和技术,从而持续生产供应价格合理的各类世界级话筒。


On-camera Dominance

Early in the 2000s, Peter created an on-camera microphone so he could get decent audio of his son’s rugby matches. The RØDE VideoMic became a bestseller in 2008 as DSLR cameras became capable of producing cinema-quality video.

RØDE’s extensive range of on-camera microphones and accessories are the number one microphones in the category in the world. Like the NT2 in the early 1990s, this was another example of RØDE making professional quality audio products available to a new generation of creators.


50 Years!

From its humble beginning as a storefront in 1967, Freedman Electronics has become the home to four powerhouse pro audio brands: Aphex, Event Electronics, SoundField and, of course, RØDE Microphones.

Across music recording and performance, broadcast, filmmaking, newsgathering and wireless, RØDE has become the go-to microphone and, along the way, a global powerhouse in pro audio.

Over the years RØDE has been recognised as an industry leader in design and business, earning numerous Red Dot awards, Australian International Design awards and the Australian Manufacturing Exporter of the year for 2013.

RØDE Founder Peter Freedman accepts the Order of Australia from the Governor-General of NSW, His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC

In 2016, Founder & Chairman Peter Freedman was awarded the Order of Australia for services to export and philanthropy in the arts.

Peter Freedman AM and the Prime Minister of Australia, The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP at the Silverwater HQ, February 2017

In February 2017, the Prime Minister of Australia, The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, visited the Silverwater campus and paid homage to RØDE’s success and anniversary, saying, “RØDE Microphones are legend… they are the best in the world. It’s an extraordinary story.”

To celebrate the milestone, RØDE produced the commemorative book, RØDE TRIP Street Side to Worldwide: Inside 50 Years of Freedman Electronics and RØDE Microphones.


RØDE will continue to innovate, to create new products and categories, to improve production and service, and, ultimately, to inspire millions to realise their creative vision with cutting edge, precision-quality, accessible microphones and accessories.

From Sydney, Australia and now every city in the world, Welcome to RØDE.